Next Stop fleet street!:-)

13 Sep

Photography has been an interesting journey for me over the  last few years. From producing mediocre images to now pushing out images that I believe can be sold. As much as lockdown was tough and still continues to be a concern for us all it gave me time to really focus and develop my photography skills. A course in photo editing completed along with the completion of my diploma in professional photography! It's taken my photography to another level. Many may disagree but some of my prints have gone as far as Australia! 

Having people buying your prints and putting them on their wall gives you the confidence to push on. What next and what can I achieve from behind the camera.

So it was lovely to get a call a few weeks back asking if I would be ok to have my images shared in the local paper. Not fleet street but enough to get me some recognition within the local community and potentially beyond.

Clearly I want to continue to develop my art and hopefully continue to bring some joy to those who see my work.

Thanks to everyone for following my journey  and continue to watch to see where we go next!

Happy Sundays!

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