Shooting in the North Coast

01 Mar

Howdy all! 

Hope everyone has had a great weekend?

Today I spent the day photographing in the north antrim coast. What a stunning part of our beautiful country. Although as always the Northern Ireland weather prevailed and the wind and occasional shower made it a tough day for photographing. 

I made an early start to try and get the best of the lighting conditions. Not quite the "golden hour"  but close to it. The overcast sky worked well to give a dramatic view.

Key when shooting in these conditions is to understand your camera settings and probably a good tripod to avoid camera shake. There is nothing worse than taking a rake of photos getting them onto the computer when home and finding many are blurred beyond repair. 

The great thing about shooting with digital is the ability to take plenty of photos. Today was no exception and probably ran off around 500 shots in different locations.

The wind although problematic it was great fun! High shutter speed to try and capture the waves and spray.

The Fuji XT2 was tried and tested successfully today! Thanks for reading and look out for my next blog next Sunday.

Have a great week.

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